Company Profile

Company Name

Nakaya Kagaku Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Office Locations


2-2-28 Kosaka, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka
577-0801 Japan MAP

Imadate Plant

62-15-1 Awatabecho, Echizen-shi, Fukui
915-0242 Japan MAP

Echizen Logistics Center

81-16 Awatabecho, Echizen-shi, Fukui
915-0242 Japan MAP

President and CEO

Noritaka Nakatani

Date of Establishment

April 1977, Founded in April 1982

Paid-in Capital

20 million yen (Shareholder’s equity: 4 billion 120 million yen)

Business Outline

Planning, Manufacturing, and Sales of Plastic Housewares

Our History

April, 1977

Masayoshi Nakatani establishes a sole proprietorship in Suehiro-cho,Higashiosaka.

February, 1982

Relocation of the store to Shinikeshima-Cho, Higashiosaka for expansion of operations.

April, 1982

Nakaya Kagaku Sangyo Co., Ltd is founded with 5 million yen in paid-in capital.

April, 1986

Capital is increased to 9 million yen.

April, 1989

Capital is increased to 20 million yen.

May, 1996

Establishment of the distribution center in Echizen, Fukui.

December, 1998

Expansion of the distribution center in Echizen, Fukui.

January, 2001

Activation of the physical distribution system.

March, 2002

Noritaka Nakatani is named Chief Executive Officer and the President.

June, 2004

Establishment of Imadate Plant in Awatabe-cho Echizen, Fukui.

November, 2004

The chief of the taxation office in Higashiosaka approves Nakaya Kagaku Sangyo as a superior report corporation. (Also in 2009, 2014 and 2019)

June, 2008

Expansion of the warehouse at the Imadate Plant.

December, 2010

Nakaya Kagaku Sangyo receives the President’s Prize of Higashiosaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Prize from the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

March, 2014

Relocation of the headquarters to Kosaka, Higashiosaka.

May, 2014

Expansion of the factory at the Imadate Plant.

November, 2018

Establishment of the distribution center and second plant in Awatabe-cho Echizen, Fukui.