Message from CEO


Make Products, Help People Around the World

We are the manufacturer of plastic household products established by Masayoshi Nakatani who was the previous CEO. Our headquarters is located in Higashiosaka(Osaka Prefecture). Manufacturing and logistics are based in Echizen(Fukui Prefecture). Generally speaking, Osaka people have flexible creativity and positiveness, Echizen people are earnest, tenacious and careful workers. We can say that our strength lies in those characters.

All of our products are made in Japan. We stick to manufacturing in Japan, and supply valuable products at low prices. This may be thought quite difficult in the palmy days of cheap imported goods. However, we have accomplished it by installing advanced manufacturing equipment and improving producing technology and logistics systems.

Enterprises are important factors in the function of economics. “Economics” is translated into “経済(keizai)” in Japanese. The word, “経済(keizai)” derives from Classical Chinese words,”経世済民(Keiseisaimin)”. It originally means “governing a nation and providing relief to people”. We take it that it means providing better and more enjoyable life to many people. We think that this is the very origin of economic activities.

Pursuing economy is creating a better life for people by exchanging money and goods. We comply with the original meaning of “経済(keizai)” and providing better products to all of you. And we ourselves intend to pursue additional growth to be better off. We always aim to help people around the world and to be a really useful enterprise for you. We hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.

Noritaka Nakatani
President and Chief Executive Officer


Corporate Philosophy

Help Consumers

Our efforts will bear fruit when the products are ready. The products are made for consumers to supply convenience, enjoyment and economical merit. First of all, we have to realize that helping consumers is our mission.

Help Staff

We need to create a comfortable working environment in order to supply good products stably to consumers. We have to try our best in order to supply the best treatment to all the staff. And we have to prepare education/training systems which can give full play to staff’s ability to work out.

Help Country and Region

We need to raise capital adequacy ratio to improve the financial strength and to perpetuate our company. When we raise capital adequacy ratio in the business activity, we have to honestly pile up the profit after tax as the internal reserves. Helping the country and the region through the appropriate tax payment is important for us to improve our financial strength.