Imadate Plant Information

The concept is “Under the One Roof”

We have had headquarters in Higashiosaka since we started our business. We established the factory and the distribution centre, “Imadate Plant” in Echizen, Fukui in order to gather all the process literally “under the one roof” and strengthen the coordination. Now we have two roofs in Fukui due to the expansion of operations, but the basic structure has not changed. Under the One Roof
(Manufacture/Assemble) Make full use of the advanced production equipment
Plastic Molding Technicians

【Plastic Molding Technicians】We have many young employees but they are skilled workers. More than 70% of them are plastic moulding technicians who have passed the written and practical examinations related to a plastic molding technician held by the designated organization (Japan Vocational Ability Development Association).

Raw Material Supply System【Raw Material Supply System】The system automatically supplies raw materials stably. It reduces the manpower tasks and improve the safety. Production Control System【Production Control System】All the injection moulding machines have the exclusive terminals of the production control system. They control the production in real time. Waterless system【Waterless system】This is the water circulating cooling system which is different from the conventional “Cooling Tower”,and it doesn’t waste water.
Heat Insulation Cover

【Heat Insulation Cover】Heat insulation covers are over the cylinders of the injection moulding machines. It suppresses wasteful power consumption and gives energy saving effects.


【Ceiling】We have ceilings in moulding factories. Differing from uncovered roofs, they prevent defective moulding by mixing of foreign matter such as dust.

Assembly Line

【Assembly Line】Finish-working process relies on women’s eyes and sensitivity.

Quality Control

【Quality Control】We check the quality in the whole process. Especially in the testing room, we perform some tests to improve the quality of our products. For example, we test the sealing performance of the seal food containers by checking if they leak water when they are placed upside down. We strive to improve the quality of the products.

(Storage/Shipping) Our logistics system performs the function of storehouses for 100 Yen shops.
Barcode Inspection System

【Barcode Inspection System】We ship products after the barcode inspection to prevent a shipping error.

Picking Lines

【Picking Lines】We make assortment boxes of inner packs and prepare for shipping in our picking lines.
Our picking lines are fully equipped with air conditioners. Our staff can work comfortably and vibrantly.


【Storage】We have diligent employees in the distribution department. They efficiently manage storage operations by putting a wealth of knowledge to practical use.

Office Room

【Office Room】We are a manufacture, but use an enterprise system for wholesalers. The system is cooperated with EOS and the barcode inspection. The systems make it possible for us to establish a solid shipping framework.

(Rest) We have a refresh room for employees where they can have lunch or a rest.
Products of Famouse Designers

【Products of Famouse Designers】We display some plastic products designed by world-famouse designers; Jasper Morrison, Philippe Starck, Stefano Giovannoni. Those tell us the large potential of the plastic products.

Various books

【Various books】We have many technical books for engineers and many cookbooks for those who can’t decide what to cook for dinner at home.

Accessibility for the Disabled

【Accessibility for the Disabled】The buildings of Imadate plants have few steps and are accessible for the disabled. We have a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Pool Table

【Pool Table】Do you know that the development of plastics is believed to have started from the billiard balls? In the mid-19th Century, billiards was the one of the most popular amusements and tha balls were made of ivory. In the late 19th Century, plastic was introduced for the best substitute for natural ivory. Thanks to plastic, elephants were saved from the danger of extinction. This pool table is for employees to know such an origin of plastics.